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Among the biggest trends in home design and home improvement, Gold Coast residents are eagerly embracing the concept of indoor/outdoor living by adding, extending or improving upon decks and patios. In this same vein, people are giving existing decks and patios, as well as gardens, pool areas and dining patios a major upgrade with the addition of beautiful pergolas. After all, the character and comfort of your home are far from limited to the exterior walls of the house proper. A house never looks truly finished until you’ve made the outdoors as inviting and comfortable as the inside, and with so many options for materials and designs available, more and more homeowners are finding creative ways to make the most of their open-air spaces.

Gold Coast Decks and pergolas are among our most common requests, and we’d love the chance to offer you a free consultation and quote for the deck and/or pergola you’re considering adding to your home.

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Merbau Deck Gold Coast

Merbau Deck Gold Coast

There was a time when outdoor decks were almost an afterthought. Today, they are truly outdoor living spaces. In fact, one of the biggest trends in home renovations today is the addition or renovation of new outdoor decking in Gold Coast, creating new spaces to visit with neighbours, serve meals or just read a good book while enjoying the fresh air. From building new decks to full tear-out/rebuilds—whether the deck is at your home or a place of business—we are committed to getting you the best price with the highest quality materials and workmanship possible.

Deck Ideas For The Gold Coast

A few projects we regularly do include:

  • Front/back/side/courtyard decks. As long as it meets with local building codes, a deck can be added just about anywhere you like. If you have a good view, why not build new decks in Gold Coast to enjoy it? After considering their options, many homeowners choose to add a wraparound deck that can be accessed from several points in the house.
  • Pool decks. A backyard pool without attractive decking limits your ability you enjoy it to its fullest. The great pool decks in Gold Coast creates a wonderful space for poolside entertaining, dining, sunbathing and more. It can also add value to your home, making your pool a showpiece that draws in potential home buyers.
  • Freestanding decks/patios. Freestanding patios are popular for a number of reasons. For one, they create a great, above-ground space that’s perfect for a dining table, built-in benches, hot tubs and more. For some homeowners, it’s also a great way to enjoy their property while cutting back on lawn maintenance.
Decks Designs and Plans

Gone are the days when decks were tacked-on structures with barely enough space to sit and enjoy a cool glass of wine on a warm evening. Today’s decks are not only bigger, they usually represent a larger investment as homeowners want the deck to be a popular gathering space for guests and even a selling point should they ever decide to move.

Deck Framing Plan Gold Coast

Deck Framing Plan Gold Coast

If you have the space, a deck can be added almost anywhere. Back decks are popular for private enjoyment, while front decks offer a chance to relax at the end of a long day and watch the neighbors out walking their dogs or kids playing in the yard. We can add second-floor decks that wrap around part of the house—maybe creating an outdoor extension of a master suite, or connecting two rooms from the outside.

Beautiful pool decking in Gold Coast is another popular upgrade, replacing a plain concrete pool surround with wooden decking that frames your pool handsomely (and is easier on bare feet). Still another popular idea that’s really caught on in recent years is the freestanding deck, a great spot separate from the house that provides even outdoor living space and is great for entertaining—and we can even build a walkway from your home, pool or anywhere else to the freestanding deck so it can feel attached but separate at the same time.

Ideas and designs for new or replacement decks are limitless, especially as some homeowners feel freer to experiment with different looks outdoors. Do you want something traditional or more modern? Rustic or formal? Perhaps a Mediterranean look is what you want to achieve, or a multi-level deck with space for a spa, bar-b-que or raised flower beds. No matter what your tastes, we can construct exactly the style of deck you want for your home. We can even craft custom built-in chairs, benches, tables and other outdoor furniture that becomes a natural extension of your deck.

enclosed timber deck gold coast

You’ll have a lot of choices to make when it comes to materials, from the type of railing you want to the style of stairs where applicable. Prices can vary considerably depending on a number of factors, and we can help you explore designs that best fit both your budget and the look/functionality you’re after.

We work with all types of wood materials, including different options in timber, hardwood and merbau, a type of imported hardwood harvested from tropical forests that is popular for both decking and outdoor furniture. Other types of decking include ironbark, spotted gum, treated pine and others.

Homeowners are also exploring a lot of new and interesting options for railings. Curved decks with curved rails to match makes for a fabulous entertaining space that doubles as a conversation piece thanks to the unique styling. Meanwhile, the railings themselves can vary from the traditional with basic wooden slats—flat, curved or slanted—to more sophisticated wrought-iron balusters, or solid-wood half-walls and even glassed-in railings. Still other decks, if close enough to the ground, require no railing at all, creating an even more spacious and open feel.

Of course, no matter how attractive the design or how high the quality of the materials you choose—and we don’t recommend any materials we wouldn’t use at our own homes—quality construction is still the most important element in building a deck that will look wonderful, add value to your home and stand the test of time. Our experience building decks throughout the Gold Coast area ensures that we will always do the job right the first time, deliver when promised and offer the best value when it comes to the cost of your new deck. We look forward to hearing your ideas!

Pergolas and Patios

Like a deck, a patio extends your living space to the outdoors with a beautiful, versatile space that’s perfect for outdoor entertaining, dining or just relaxing. The biggest difference is that the term “patio” is commonly associated with a paved space flat on the ground (or raised only a foot or so off the ground), while deck flooring is usually a type of wood and can be added at any height.

Pergola Gold Coast

A Beach House With A Classy Pergola

When added to the front and made with well-chosen stone, brick, tiles or cobbles, patios can also add a lot to your property’s kerb appeal and can also be added at any time without any disruptive construction work or impact on the structure of the home itself. We work with all types of patio paving, including (but not limited to):

  • Brick. Brick is a classic, always appealing look that is durable and allows you a wide range of color choices.
  • Flagstone. Flagstone offers natural beauty, is slip resistant and visually interesting.
  • Concrete. Concrete is endlessly versatile, easy to care for and durable. It’s become more popular as a way to create a custom look by painting, stamping or texturing the concrete to create a unique look.
  • Cobblestone. Cobblestone lends a rustic, almost antique charm, if you don’t mind the uneven surfaces and enjoy the warm, old-world look.
  • Tile. From terra cotta to travertine and everything in between, tiles can range widely in price but create highly customized looks. We can help advise of the best choices for tiles according to how you plan to use the patio, the look you want and your project budget.

There is truly no limit to the ways a patio can work with your existing home design and enhance your lifestyle. Increasingly, homeowners are adding large patios off of the den or elsewhere to create a new, outdoor living room or even outdoor kitchen, popular for grilling (and keeping the smoke out of the house). As outdoor dining and seating becomes more popular, manufacturers are also meeting the need for indoor/outdoor furniture that’s comfortable and sophisticated yet also durable (and easy to clean) for outside use. We can also build low retaining walls around the perimeter if you want to create the feeling of a true outdoor room that’s still wide open to the views and fresh air.

We will work closely with you to help design and choose the best materials for the patio that best suits your needs and budget, taking cues from the style of your home as well as showing off your best landscaping features. This makes the patio more than an add-on—it’s a beautiful transition from your house out into the garden, pool or lawn.

If you want to add another dimension to your deck or patio, a pergola can create a tremendous amount of visual interest to your outdoor building design and landscaping scheme while blending in as though it were part of the home’s original plans. We love to see clients get excited about the wide variety of pergola designs and ideas to explore, from a visually appealing walkway to an open-air roof over a large dining porch, with wide-set timber slats to create the illusion of cover while still letting in the sun or the stars. We’ve even built pergolas as an alternative to the traditional carport, a truly natural and classic look that helps shade your car while blending easily into your existing architecture.

Pergolas are also excellent structures to show off your favorite climbing plants, including climbing tea rose, bougainvillea, wisteria, ivy and passionflower—creating shade and beauty at the same time. Other homeowners prefer a cleaner, more modern look, with wood slats in bold lines. And for days where the full sun is too much but you still want to enjoy being outside, removable shades can be used to cover the top and cool your patio or deck while you enjoy a light lunch with friends or just sit out by the pool to watch the kids swim. And by the way, pergolas are not limited to roof-like structures supported by beams; they can also include wooden “walls” for full or partial enclosure of a private patio or outdoor hideaway.

A few of the advantages offered by pergolas include:
  • Variety. Classic or modern; sleek or rustic; simple or ornate: Whatever design you dream up for your pergola, we can work with it. We’re happy to advise you on everything from materials to spacing between the crossbeams, as well as offer ideas based on the many pergolas we’ve built in the area and what style might best fit your needs and the aesthetics of your home.
  • Shade. While most pergolas allow light sun to trickle in, they offer much-needed protection on hot days from the glare of direct sun.
  • Greenery. Pergolas create wonderful opportunities for woody vines and other climbing plants. A low-maintenance extension of your landscaping, plant life thriving on your pergola can add color, dimension, wonderful scents and an additional natural element.

So if your style is rustic or contemporary, clean-lined or old-world, there’s no end to the ways a pergola can add style and value to your outdoor living space. Please call us today to discuss your options. We’d be honored to provide you with options, cost ranges and ideas to get you started!

Please call us today to start discussing your ideas for a new decks in Gold Coast, pergola or beautiful combination. We’ll work with your budget to make sure you get the results you want with the high quality, service and commitment to value that you deserve. We look forward to working with you!

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