The Queensland climate allows us to enjoy outdoor living spaces to their fullest extent.

Outdoor living is a big deal in home additions and one of the most requested home renovation projects with a demand that isn’t slowing down.

With access to new durable outdoor materials, furniture and accessories plus a variety of shade options and addition of innovative technology your deck can become like another living space. Thinking of adding a deck to your home?  Here’s what you’ll need to know about finally getting one.


Why. Expand your living space and enjoy the outdoors with an area for outdoor entertaining or lounging.

First thing to consider. Does your property lend itself to a deck or patio — or a combination of both.

Deck. A deck is a platform with decking boards generally made of either wood or a composite material. A deck is a perfect solution for sloped yards because you can utilise otherwise wasted space.
Patio. A patio is built on a level surface and is usually made of concrete, pavers, flagstone, wood or another hardscaping material. Doing a patio on a sloped lot is not ideal being more difficult and costly to contruct as it requires retaining walls to support the structure.

How will you use your deck? Having a decking that is a multi purpose space with areas for eating, cooking and hanging out is essential. But, as with most things, what you can actually achieve will depend on your budget. Some extra additions such as hot tubs, an outdoor TV, a fireplace, a fire pit, an outdoor kitchen will take your decking to the next level.

If you plan to be hosting parties you will need to consider safety regulations and weight limits and construct accordingly. Also a factor to consider is how much privacy you have on your deck.

You may wish to incorporate screens, lattice or a pergola to add a little privacy.

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